Checklist for Bug Bounty hunter based on OWASP pen-tester guide

This is a checklist for web pen-testing and bug bounty hunting. When you guys are hacking, you guys can use it as a reference….

4.12 Client Side Testing

4.12.1 OTG-CLIENT-001 Testing for DOM-based Cross-Site Scripting
4.12.2 OTG-CLIENT-002 Testing for JavaScript Execution
4.12.3 OTG-CLIENT-003 Testing for HTML Injection
4.12.4 OTG-CLIENT-004 Testing for Client-Side URL Redirect
4.12.5 OTG-CLIENT-005 Testing for CSS Injection
4.12.6 OTG-CLIENT-006 Testing for Client-Side Resource Manipulation
4.12.7 OTG-CLIENT-007 Test Cross-Origin Resource Sharing
4.12.8 OTG-CLIENT-008 Testing for Cross-Site Flashing
4.12.9 OTG-CLIENT-009 Testing for Clickjacking
4.12.10 OTG-CLIENT-010 Testing WebSockets
4.12.11 OTG-CLIENT-011 Test Web Messaging
4.12.12 OTG-CLIENT-012 Test Local Storage

4.11 Business Logic Testing

4.11.1 OTG-BUSLOGIC-001 Test Business Logic Data Validation
4.11.2 OTG-BUSLOGIC-002 Test Ability to Forge Requests
4.11.3 OTG-BUSLOGIC-003 Test Integrity Checks
4.11.4 OTG-BUSLOGIC-004 Test for Process Timing
4.11.5 OTG-BUSLOGIC-005 Test Number of Times a Function Can be Used Limits
4.11.6 OTG-BUSLOGIC-006 Testing for the Circumvention of Work Flows
4.11.7 OTG-BUSLOGIC-007 Test Defenses Against Application Mis-use
4.11.8 OTG-BUSLOGIC-008 Test Upload of Unexpected File Types
4.11.9 OTG-BUSLOGIC-009 Test Upload of Malicious Files

4.8 Data Validation Testing

4.8.1 OTG-INPVAL-001 Testing for Reflected Cross-Site Scripting
4.8.2 OTG-INPVAL-002 Testing for Stored Cross-Site Scripting
4.8.3 OTG-INPVAL-003 Testing for HTTP Verb Tampering
4.8.4 OTG-INPVAL-004 Testing for HTTP Parameter pollution
4.8.5 OTG-INPVAL-005 Testing for SQL Injection Oracle Testing MySQL Testing SQL Server Testing Testing PostgreSQL MS Access Testing Testing for NoSQL injection
4.8.6 OTG-INPVAL-006 Testing for LDAP Injection
4.8.7 OTG-INPVAL-007 Testing for ORM Injection
4.8.8 OTG-INPVAL-008 Testing for XML Injection
4.8.9 OTG-INPVAL-009 Testing for SSI Injection
4.8.10 OTG-INPVAL-010 Testing for XPath Injection
4.8.11 OTG-INPVAL-011 IMAP/SMTP Injection
4.8.12 OTG-INPVAL-012 Testing for Code Injection Testing for Local File Inclusion Testing for Remote File Inclusion
4.8.13 OTG-INPVAL-013 Testing for Command Injection
4.8.14 OTG-INPVAL-014 Testing for Buffer overflow Testing for Heap overflow Testing for Stack overflow Testing for Format string
4.8.15 OTG-INPVAL-015 Testing for incubated vulnerabilities
4.8.16 OTG-INPVAL-016 Testing for HTTP Splitting/Smuggling

4.9 Error Handling

4.9.1 OTG-ERR-001 Analysis of Error Codes
4.9.2 OTG-ERR-002 Analysis of Stack Traces

4.10 Cryptography

4.10.1 OTG-CRYPT-001 Testing for Weak SSL/TSL Ciphers, Insufficient Transport Layer Protection
4.10.2 OTG-CRYPT-002 Testing for Padding Oracle
4.10.3 OTG-CRYPT-003 Testing for Sensitive information sent via unencrypted channels




An independent information security researcher and consultant.

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Yasir Ansari

Yasir Ansari

An independent information security researcher and consultant.

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